Hello my name is Greg Reeder


  • Teacher
  • Designer
  • Instructor
  • Helicopter Pilot
  • Equipment Operator
  • Animation & Video Producer
For years I have had the opportunity to design training programs, curriculum and visual training tools.
My real passion is in teaching and training, from one on one to hundreds at a time.

I have also operated helicopters and heavy equipment, all over Canada.

I enjoy learning, and having a wide range of career and life experiences has helped me to design from a learner's point of view.

I have had to translate many manuals and it has bothered me how un-simple textbooks are written.

I have designed curriculum and built Power Point, video and animated training  programs for government, universities, industry, training schools and private companies.

Below is a list of some of the courses I have built.
I built these courses using pictures, animation, videos and interactive game show style exams that I produced.

Equipment training:

  • Machine basics, maintenance and safety
  • Training modules for excavator, tracked dozer, motor grader, frontend loader, backhoe, skid steer, articulated rock truck
  • Loading & transporting equipment
  • Using GPS, maps and laser levels
  • Planning, Excavating techniques, trenching, shoring, grade stakes
  • WCB and OHS rules as well as jobsite safety

Driver training:

  • Defensive driving courses for car, corporate class 5 and commercial class 3,2 and 1
  • Hauling freight and load security
  • Fuel smart driving
  • National Safety Code
  • Air Brakes training
  • Motorcycle course day 1 and 2

Other courses:

  • Accident investigation course
  • Introduction to the internet and websites
  • Social media: your business, group or cause
  • Introduction to finances: mutual funds, portfolios, using seg. funds and universal life for passing wealth and investing, pros cons and dangers of leverage and borrowing to invest

Online training:

Built a training website so students can access pictures, videos, animation and step by step learning tutorials from their computer or smart phone

Highlighted positions held:

- Director of Education -        
- Director of Training 
Valley Driving School
Hosting Nation Data Inc.
- Lecturer-  Vancouver Island University
- Director of Education -     HVET equipment training
- Director / Producer -        Shadow Light Productions
- Account Executive-          Web and business Co.
- Harassment Advisor -     Simon Fraser University
- Personnel Manager -      World Financial
- Commercial Helicopter Pilot-  Ground School Instructor




  • Heavy equipment operator 
  • Professional driver
  • Auctioneer 
  • Electrical
  • Millwright 
  • Shipper receiver


Click links below to view samples of training programs I have designed:

Most of the videos I create are in High Definition. To view them clearly please change the viewing settings.
   ( in You Tube change to 720p HD )    found just below the video on the right. Click the symbol that looks like a gear.
 Training Course examples:   

The videos below are short clips or sections taken from some of the different classroom training modules I designed and taught. They were built in Power Point to give the instructors consistency of content, with the flexibility of adding their own personality and experiences. 





A few examples of videos and animation I have created:



 Some of my Licenses:

-ICBC Driver Training Instructor License
-Heavy Equipment Operators Certificate-
Designations - Class 1,2,3,4,5/7,6/8 & Air Brakes Training
Excavator, Bulldozer, Wheel Loader, Backhoe
-Drivers license- Class 1 with air brakes and motorcycle class 6
-Commercial helicopter pilot- Bell 206, EH28, SA300.
-Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons Pleasure Craft Operator
-Operators certificates- Trans-stackers, several forklifts, man lifts, hoists and more


Examples of some of the heavy equipment I have operated:

-Excavators- Hitachi, Komatsu & Cat 385,365,345,330,325,318, to-307
-Rock truck- Cat 773,769
-Articulated rock truck- Cat 740,735,300 ejector and dump
-Dozer- Cat D8, D6, D5- tiller bar, hydrostatic & paddle shift steering
-Frontend loaders Cat 924,930
-Rubber tire backhoes Cat 430, 420

Several different highway single and double axle dump trucks, tractor trailers, flat decks, scrapers, drags and skid steers.


I have worked on projects in open pit, mass excavation, road, bridge, lake, residential construction and landscaping in weather down to -50oC and over 14 hour shifts.



Flying, motorcycle riding on the dirt, street and track, scuba diving, boating (air chair is this summer's new addition), playing guitar and bass, kayaking, mountain biking, quading, running sound for bands, video work and so much more.


Hobby Videos:

 (for clearer full screen viewing change to 480p or higher)   found just below the video off to the right. Click the symbol that looks like a gear.





Have a great day 




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